Basic Phones

Skip the Data Plan & Buy Cell Phones for Cheap

Not everyone needs a smart phone in this day and age. If you’re just interested in making phone calls and sending a few texts, Fusion Electronix’s collection of basic phones should be more than adequate for your needs. Save money by using basic talk phone service instead of adding on an expensive data plan. Fusion Electronix is the best place to buy cell phones for cheap. 

A great and simple phone for beginners and casual users.It fits easily into your pocket, thanks to the sliding design keeping everything compact and maximizing available space. Samsung flip phones are also a great option, and again they fit easily into pockets thanks to their space-saving design. They’re also quite durable, lasting for many years if taken care of. Unlike with most smart phones, basic phones don’t become outdated as easily, because they’re not expected to run the latest apps or stream HD videos.

If you’re looking for something a little more advanced, but not quite ready for a more expensive smart phone with touchscreens, then check out the qwerty keyboard phones. They offer more functionality and make typing easier, yet they’re closer to basic phones than smart phones cost-wise.

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