Samsung Galaxy S8 and all the rumours, Release date, features, specs Everything we know so far

Jan 10th 2017

There are so many rumours surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S8. Originally it was suggested that it would be unveiled in February 2017, now it look more likely to be late March or early April at a press event in New York. The release date is rumoured to be April 18th, and this may be accurate.

It was rumoured that the S8 would feature something called Beast Mode, but nobody seems to be clear on what it is, and Samsung haven’t confirmed any details about the device at all yet. Other sources claim that the Beast Mode feature is unlikely to be part of the S8 features.

It had seemed likely that the S8 would feature a new AI assistant, after Samsung acquired Viv Labs in 2016. Although the patent sharing agreement that they signed with Google in 2014 said that the two companies would use each other’s patents in their devices for 10 years. It also had a non-compete clause. Some claim that because of this, there may be no AI assistant in the S8.

It seems likely that it will have 8GB of memory, and will use the Exynos chip. At this point, the only thing encompassing the Samsung Galaxy S8 is speculation and rumour.