Two New Google Smart watches with android 2.0 will be launching in 2017

Jan 10th 2017

Google Smart watches Confirm

Google have two Android 2.0 smart watches to be released in 2017. A date hasn’t been confirmed, but it was confirmed that it would be in January or February. The two smartwatches will be the flagships for Android wear 2.0.

It was previously rumored that they would be in line with either Google Pixel, or Google Home branding, but now it has been confirmed that they will feature the manufacturing company. As for who is the manufacturer, Google won’t confirm, other than to say that they are experienced in Android wear devices.

In terms of features, they should have features like Android Pay, Play store and a voice activated assistant. They will be at CES 2017, but they have been released by then anyway.

Google did delay their release until 2017. A decision that disappointed many people, but may have been the right one to make. Google have said that they are ‘quite optimistic’ about Android wear, and that niche appeal tech was ‘a marathon, not a sprint.’