CopperheadOS Secure Android Operating system License

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Product Highlights

12 month Security Subscriptions included

Protection from zero-days and exploits

Security-centric, non- technical user experience

Hardened kernel and superior memory management

No Google or any tracking analytics

Sandboxing and application isolation

Source code available for review and auditing

Zero-touch on-premises CopperheadOS deployment available

Integrates with the latest MDM and IDS mobility software

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CopperheadOS is a security and privacy focused mobile operating system compatible with Android apps that keeps your data safe by thwarting and frustrating attackers. Copperhead uses the most sophisticated, cutting-edge techniques to protect you from local, physical and remote threats. Essentially, CopperheadOS presents such invincible obstacles that attackers lack the resources to gain entry; and if they do, they are unable to do damage or extract information. CopperheadOS devices are private and protected from tampering, compromise, malware, data theft, tracking and email interception. CopperheadOS is fully deployable as a managed or on-premise solution, giving organizations full compliance-ready control over their mobile platform.

Use high end military grade encryption for your OS

Reduce your risk and Diversify your communications use multiple aps

Don’t stand out in a crowd , Blend in with multiple layers of protection





De -Googled Device using the F-Droid Store

Purchase the OS + Hardware + Sim + Subscription Updates
Works on Pixel Devices 3, 3XL , 3A, 3AXL

Resistant to zero-days and vulnerabilities – protects against the latest known and unknown vulnerabilities Obfuscation — masks data and renders it unintelligible to unauthorized users Stronger sandboxing — separates programs so they can operate without risk to the system Hardened kernel — makes the code more resilient to attacks and prevents bugs from being exploited Zero-trust Infrastructure available – Your data is not sent to Copperhead, Google or any remote platforms Zero-knowledge cryptology — provides local verification without remotely disclosing information The result: attackers can’t get in, and even if they do, they can’t read or recover usable data