Samsung Galaxy TabS8+ / S7 FE / S7+ Book Cover Keyboard Slim, Black

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Slim, Full Book Design

Wireless Keyboard Sharing

Embedded Pen Holder

For Galaxy Tab S8+, Galaxy Tab S7 FE, Galaxy Tab S7+

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Galaxy Tab S8+/S7+/S7 FE Book Cover Keyboard - Slim

Enhance the workflow efficiency while protecting your device with this 12.4" Galaxy Tab S8+/S7+/S7 FE Book Cover Keyboard from Samsung. This slim and lightweight Book Cover attaches to your compatible tablet via a POGO pin interface and opens to reveal a fully functional keyboard, which features an antimicrobial coating to help prevent viruses and bacteria from living on its surface. Closing it automatically shuts your tablet screen off while protecting it. The Book Cover has a convenient embedded pen holder, so you can keep your S-Pen close by. Other features include a dedicated DeX on and off shortcut key that allows you to quickly connect to compatible devices.