Samsung - Silicone Case with Strap for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

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Get Strapped In: On the back is a strap to keep the phone securely on your hand; It adds style to the phone as well as helping you keep a good grip.

Handheld Style: The easy grip of your phone is made even more comfortable with the soft grip material on the Silicone Cover with Strap; A matte finish enhances the softness and ups the style factor.

A Strap That Makes a Statement: Choose your case's hue to match your phone or make a bold statement; For extra style, the case comes with a built-in hand strap that provides a pop of contrasting color.

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With silicone to protect from bumps and scratches, and a strap on the back to keep your phone securely in your hand, the Z Flip3 5G Silicone Cover with Strap keeps your phone safe and stylish.

**Remove the cover for optimal Wireless Power Share results.