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T-Mobile Prepaid Activation Kit

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T-Mobile Prepaid Activation Kit - Nano SIM
"WARNING! We do not ship to India, Indonesia,Philippines or Freight forwarding company order from those mentioned Automatically will be cancelled. Fruad prevention TOOL is in place any attempt to defraud us will not be tolerated and reported proper authority."

Have an unlocked iPhone 5 or Any GSM phone that you would like to use on T-Mobiles network? All you need to do is a Choose the right T-Mobile SIM card from above. Just slip the card into your phone and you are ready to go.

  • It is ready to use, We will send your SIM card to you in the mail. Just pop it into your phone and activate you service online 
  • Compatible with Any GSm phone just Add the T-Mobile SIM to any unlocked Phone 
  • It is GSM compatible Just Sim Card Pick the size of sim card from above that correspondent to your phone

 Activation kit has no value Come with activation code and Sim card Must add money in order to use