LG TONE Free Bluetooth Stereo Headset in Black

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Experience real wireless stereo like never before with the newly designed LG TONE FREE™, featuring wireless earbuds that charge while they are docked in the neckband, always ready for immediate use. The neckband not only provides extra battery power and vibration alerts for incoming calls, it provides a secure place to hold the earbuds when not in use, making them far less likely to get lost. As a premium Bluetooth® wireless audio headset, the LG TONE FREE™ has additional features such as the Tone & TalkTM app, which reads SMS/text messages instantly and identifies the caller with an audio response. Auto-reconnect also ensures you never miss a moment of music or a phone call. Balanced armature speakers deliver crystal-clear audio through earbuds designed for the most authentic wireless stereo headset yet—no tangles, and no hassle. • Real Wireless Stereo – experience the real freedom of a wireless headset with no tangling and no hassle. • Vibration on Call & Easy Charging – charge earbuds at all times when stored inside the neckband, plus enjoy the convenience of vibration alert for incoming calls—even when charging. • Intuitive User Experience – take advantage of convenient features like voice command, vibration notifications, and dedicated Apps for better control. • Dual MEMS Microphones – never miss a moment of the conversation with microphones built for enhanced sensitivity. • Balanced Armature Speakers – immerse yourself in music with perfectly balanced audio clarity.